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Hi-Tide SSD

Hi-Tide SSD
Hi-Tide SSD
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Buy if...You want to own one of the most exciting ranges of rods to be launched for a good few years. Sensibly priced, they're high-spec, high-feel bass rods covering all lengths and ranges. Limited availability.
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New for 2021! They're here!!!!

The most anticipated range of bass rods I've ever seen. Having discussed the design with the guys in Japan for the past 12 months, what we have here is something between the original SSD Seabass Game range that it replaces, and the lighter, faster Eginn. The happy combination should give us a rod that is incredibly versatile and suited to a whole host of shore-based fishing. Saying that, the addition of the 83MH opens it up to boat anglers too.

86ML - 8'6" rated 7-35g

Though not the shortest, this is the lightest rod in the range. First impressions are that this little wand is a little over-rated at 35g max. It feels the perfect rod for light plugging and especially soft plastics. Comparable with most Japanese rods rated to around 25/26g, the tip is light and has that lovely elastic feel that I love in a lighter rod.

90ML - 9'0" rated 7-35g

Perhaps a little like the 86ML, a couple of grams over-rated. As a lovely light 32g (feeling) rod, this will be the all-rounder for anybody unsure of which one to buy. Will handle everything from an unweighted plastic to (potentially) a Patchinko 140.

90M - 9'0" rated 10-42g

The most pleasent surprise to me in the range. Still a very light rod with that bit more "steeliness" than the 90ML thanks to what is basically a bit more power. It may actually handle a 40g metal at a push as well. If you're mostly fishing hard lures, softies on the usual jigheads and plenty of surface lures, go for this one. It's with the latter that I'd consider this THE rod from the range. The 96M (below) is another to consider for all of the above though, so consider wisely. If I were fishing a lot of surface lures I'd go for the 90M. If I'm mostly plugging of fishing larger softies, I'd go for the 96M since the extra bit of length will be nothing but useful. Working a surface lure on the 90M will be easier though due to the relative lack of length.

96M - 9'6" rated 10-42g

Plugging special, maybe? With that little bit of extra reach and control, this will be the all-round rod for anybody fishing the occasional larger lure from the shore whilst also needing a stick that will chuck an unweighted plastic. Not overly stiff, but still fast. A useful rod in the surf too, perhaps. The power feels just right for flinging 30g+ metals as far as you can. May handle a 40g metal even. I'll find out when I test it over the next couple of days.

106M - 10'6" rated 10-42g

A little like the 96M, the 106 will handle similar lures. Far from being a monster - as you might imagine anything over 10' - the 106 is light and easily manageable. Probably a touch more power in the butt than the 96M, allowing you to really lean in to the cast a bit more on the roughest days. As much as providing a few extra yards on the cast, the extra tip length gives you more line control on windy days, more reach above the waves, and more steering control over a close-in fish.

83MH rated 15-50g.
90MH rated 15-50g.