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01 Apr The Big Lerf 2022
Ben 0 205
If there's one modern series of lure events that gets people out on the coast, it's THE BIG LERF - by Ben Bassett (and crew).What we believe started as a one off fund-raising event has evolved in to not only the annual get-together we're looking forw..
31 Mar Exciting news for CLF2022
Ben 0 370
After a solid 11 years of running the Cornish Lure Festival (CLF), it's no secret that with various work and family commitments, my ability to maintain the quality of event that we'd always wanted to run has been restricted. The past few species hunt..
15 Feb LRF: What do I need to start?
Ben 0 290
This article was first published in 2011 when LRF was very much still in its infancy. Though times have moved on and we've learnt a lot since then, the basics ring true. It's a little rough around the edges (there was a certain amount of reluctance ..
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