After a solid 11 years of running the Cornish Lure Festival (CLF), it's no secret that with various work and family commitments, my ability to maintain the quality of event that we'd always wanted to run has been restricted. The past few species hunt events we've run have been relatively low-key affairs, attracting only the most hardcore and loyal entrants, given that my opportunities to promote and organise the event had been so minimal. 

However, those that attended the 2021 event (and even 2020)(probably even 2019) will have heard chatter of a new format and complete refresh that I'd always wanted to introduce. Cornwall is home to so many species, and so many quality species hunters that our original format (which started with just 5 species winning the event in 2010!), I feel has run it's course.

So, what's next for the CLF?

I was one of a lucky gang of UK anglers who travelled to Benodet, France in 2011 and 2012 and experienced the excitement of European rockfishing competition. The format was fish length and points based. It was an event of epic organisation and included a whole team of people (No Stress Fishing) to make it work. But the result and quality of that event is still spoken of today and has set the benchmark for many LRF or streetfishing competitions across Europe ever since. It was insane to see my friend Matt Newcombe actually win it in 2011, amongst such a big and quality field of anglers. 

Anyway, where am I going with this? In 2022, this format finally comes to the UK with CLF2022!

While the social element of the weekend will remain unchanged (Friday - Sunday), and a non-competitive catch-as-many-as-you-can species tally will still be announced come the final presentation, the BIG species hunting event happens across the Saturday only - in and around the town of Falmouth.

Like Benodet, Falmouth has a long stretch of easily accessible inlets, harbours, walls and piers that we will be splitting in to sections. It's the perfect UK location to host a Benodet style event. Having re-planned, moved a few things around and re-motivated myself to finally make this happen, we're all go!

While there will be a LOT to sort out and a lot of stuff still to announce, if you are interested in social and fun species events, get this one in your diary for October! just watch this space for more info. Tickets will be on sale by the end of May.

In Addition

The Wrasse (HRF) event is back!

With a slightly re-jigged format - now it's the total length of your best THREE fish that count! This should keep our European friends happy - who I know enjoy our events almost solely for the Cornish wrasse fishing. But I also know that UK based wrasse fans will love what we're coming up with too! This event is not restricted to Falmouth only but, as usual, covers the whole of Cornwall over the same weekend.

The Bass event is to take place over the same weekend as well! So all in all, this is set to be one huge weekend of lure fishing celebration, all over Cornwall. 

Event Details
  • Date: 7th-9th October 2022 (main species-hunting event Saturday, 8th October)
  • Where: All over Cornwall (Saturday event in Falmouth only)
  • Cost: £25
  • Tickets: available soon
Interesting Thing

Why've I used the header image as the event pic here?

This shot was actually taken during one of the earlier CLF species hunts and captures Cornish and Scottish LRF legends, Luke Fox and Jake Schogler fishing Mevagissey harbour wall on a lovely July morning. Until about 2018-ish, we always ran it in July until the bass fishing became so unreliable at that time of the season.

The 2011 Benodet Video

Where is Falmouth?