If there's one modern series of lure events that gets people out on the coast, it's THE BIG LERF - by Ben Bassett (and crew).

What we believe started as a one off fund-raising event has evolved in to not only the annual get-together we're looking forward to here, but also winter leagues and other social media challenges that have really helped revive and progress the nations enthusiasm for LRF species hunting.

Event Details
  • Date: Saturday, 16th July 2022
  • Place: Mountbatten Pier, Plymouth.
  • Entry: £20
  • Where can I get tickets? HERE

We are proud to be on board and sponsoring the 2022 event along side some great names and will be attending the event as well! Plymouth is one of the places where it all started for us when we hosted our weekly meets on the Barbican from 2012 when we had the shop there. So please do grab a ticket (all in the name of some great causes) through the relevant page on Ben's excellent blog. 

Where is that?